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I'm happy because I just discovered the Rolling Stones!

My boyfriend Jorge is so sweet.

because i love simmonne.

Because I'm breathing. Because I'm still in love with the same person after 6 years. Because my family is close nit. Because I'm free to do all of the things I want to do. Because my dog is always trying to make me laugh when I'm sad. (He seems to connect to my feelings and act accordingly!) Because I'm still breathing!

I am happy because I just lost 11 kg of weight, I have a great body now, and I can wear anything I like, it fits perfectly!

I am happy because tommorrow is not a school day for us.

I'm so happy because last night I had the most wonderful dream. I dreamt I met a man who I fell totally in love with, and he fell totally in love with me too. In another country – a beautiful country. I am happy because there is a chance that it might come true. It seemed so real!!!

I am very happy because we are rich and I can have whaatever I like in the world. More money makes me feel happy!

I'm happy because lots of different people are my friend!

I'm happy because it's so hot today and I can play out in the sun I really like it and have picnic!!!

i had sex for the first time and i loved it.

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy because my stepmother died yesterday every one is crying but all i can do is laugh and laugh ... the reason i'm happy over that is because she was always beating on me and my brothers but now we dont have to worry about that cuz she's gone forever and never coming back!!!!!! yes ... thank God.

I went to the beach with my boyfriend yesterday and I think I'm in love ...

I am happy because I am surounded by friends and life is wonderful.

Because yesterday I got my soundtrack for The Neverhood, Skullmonkeys and Boombots!!! Not that it will mean anything to most ...

Because, I have very wonderful friends who truly care about me. And it was a sunny day today and everyone was happy around me!

I am happy because I found MR. RIGHT, sorry girls, he's taken. He came riding to me in shining armor, on a white horse, on the beach during a sunset, with a dozen red roses and a teddy bear and he loves me and that's why i'm so happy!

I am happy because I have a great mom. great man in my life, and beautiful sons a good job, a great supervisor ect.

I am happy because my achievement both in spiritual and physical healing.


because someone, out of the blue, started a conversation in a store with me. A complete stranger! How nice! That made my day. =)

i found a very sweet man who i am in love with

I am full of joy because of the charity of president bush who helped me get a replacement liver. The operations is set for next week. You cannot imagine the rapture I will live to see my little baby, who is on the way, and my dear husband for years to come.

Because I am married to the most wonderful man on earth and I am pregnant with our first child!

Because I tried out for a show choir at my high school today, and even if I dont make it, I had so much fun, and thats all that matters! :o)

I am so happy to have my lovely friends, realy i love them.

i am happy because i am trying to search for happiness in my life.

my yoga instructor says I am very flexible.

I am happy because I married my soul mate -- bliss.

because I installed windows 2000 right the first time.

because i just had a quick steamy session with a bloke in a public area - naughty!!!

Maybe because I'll see my lover after 30-40 min. Yahooo!!!!!!

I am happy because of sites like this one.

I'm in love with the best man on earth!

I am happy to make others happy ... which in returns makes me happy!!!

I made distinguished honor roll. I got 8, "A's"!

because I just posted why I was angry on the angry site. Ha ha!

I met someone I've been looking for!

I ate the BIGGEST burger yesterday!

I've got my boyfriend for almost 5 weeks~

i did it with two sisters at the same time!!!!!!

I am happy that I have such a loving and caring Man in my life. He helps me to be the best me that I can be!

I had the most wonderful bowel movement this morning! I feel very lucky, I found the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow.

being 74 and feeling great.

I have electricity!

I have a geat family that I love very much.

The "other" man in my life loves me too! Even miles can't keep us apart, cuz I will always be in his heart! Secret Lovers are what we are and he always wants to know what will make me cry so he can be the one to make me smile! ... Luv You ... Luv Me ...!!!

I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life:) I met the woman of my dreams over the weekend!!!!! yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hey people, God is good after all:)

I'm happy because of a cocktail of margaritas, coke, speed & all of our best friends ... mr. magic mushroom.

Because I've given up smoking.

I'm so happy because I take prozac every day. Yippy!

I am happy because I found this site and can share with you why I am happy. It's the simple things that strike a cord first, hands, feet, health, family, a home, but most importantly, because I found out that I exist because God loves me.

I met my soulmate and childhood sweetheart after 30 years. We discovered how we both are still madly in love!

Because I have met my soulmate@39!

Cuz my luv wants to know what makes me cry so he can be the one to always make me smile!

I AM ABOVE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because today is my 26th birthday and I have the most wonderful boyfriend and family anyone could ever ask for.

I am in love with the most fantastic guy on this earth!! He is my soul mate, best friend and most fantastic lover !! Yeh! Go Joe!! I love you!!!!!

I am happy because my husband left me alone and ran away to u.s. and still i am alive because i am having some helping hands in my life.

Because the weekend is almost here and i can get some sex.

I'm 89 years old! Hell, I'm just happy to be alive.

I am going home from college for the weekend.

Because you are.

Because I didn't settle and held out long enough to meet the woman of my dreams. She is everything I ever wanted in a women, before I knew what I wanted.

I have 2 adorable yorkies (Elmo and Bandit) they are like my children and i have a second chance to love my bf. i have a great mom and my other ex is my best friend in the world!

The world provides me so much love. I thank God for compassionate souls.

Jesus offers me unconditional love when I am so undeserving.

1- I'm happy because i'm a live 2- i have two little cute girls "Farah & Dana" 3- I'm in love with my hasband. 4- I have a good family. 5- finally i have a new house.

Because, even though they lost my luggage, I was still in Tahiti.

I found Jesus Christ.

I met my childhood love after ten years and we finally got together on July 23rd, 2000. Finally a forever love!!!

Because I'm alive.

I met my soul mate online and I love her so much.

I want to finally be a father!!!!

I am happy because I chose to be.

Because the mother and child reunion is only a motion away ...

I am happy because la vita e' bella!

I am in love,and have found my soul-mate. I'm close to god, and have a wonderful life.!

I met someone in the net that has become very special in my life. He just takes me to another world when he plays his saxophone.


My friends tell me I am an incredible friend and a insatiable flirt. Thank you, thank you all for sharing your love with me.

I met my soulmate on the internet and we got married on May 23, 2000. Finally, a forever love!!!!

Happiness is licking an ice cream cone on a hot, lazy summer day.


Happiness is the freedom to appreciate the simplicity of life, love, and to cherish those around you who make your world a little more of a special place to be.

I am positively HAPPY when people around me, appreciate me, or compliment my good deeds.

I am happy when I am with the people I love and I know they are happy and love me too.

Happiness is watching a butterfly land on my nose.

Love doesn't cost anything. Free Love is Alive! Please love one another. Smile! It will improve your FACE VALUE!

Laughter is the best medicine. BE GLAD for each day you wake up, take a breath, and thank GOD we are ALIVE!

I finally have a job where I am truly appreciated!

My two young children make me smile at least once a day. They have my unconditional love and that is special.


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