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i'm happy cause i work in a grocery store and everytime i walk down the baby food aisle i look at all the baby stuff and all me and my boyfriends problems go away cause i really do love him and when i see all this stuff i get all giddy and keep saying how one day I'm going 2 be the mother of his child. Then I go to the magazine aisle and look at all the bridal mags and plan our future wedding.

I'm happy because LIFE IS GOOD! Everything's right in the world right now!

I have the BEST friends in the world! And so many of them! I will never, ever not have anyone to talk to. I will never have to feel alone. And I will never again doubt myself. HE talked to me today. Isn't life good? Life is good. When you are having a great year with tons of friends and good grades and a boy who likes you, stupid little things like what you wear don't matter any more. And THAT'S when life is good.

I love my friends.

I am happy because I met a guy by the name of Nicholas on the internet about 3 years ago. He came to visit me all the way from the UK. He is a very sweet young man who I am so happy to have had the chance to get to know.

I am happy because i have finally found the love of my life!

I have a very good friend who just gave me some very good advice. Now I will see things differently because he made it all so clear. I'm very greatful and you are such a good friend!! (if u know what i mean lol.)

I'm happy because there was a girl that I liked for a long, long time. Well anyway, last Saturday after homecoming I was jealous of this other kid because he made out with her. Today, we spent a couple hours together and now I'm on good terms with her again. I also am doing better in Cross Country and getting my homework done! Today is a beautiful day!

im happy because my dick is large large large.

I am happy because my best friend came to visit from the navy....and happy that he even straightened up enough to get in the navy and go to school!

Im happy because, every now and then, when my dark clouds disappear (and believe me, they can get pretty dark) I can actually see what all the fuss is about and see just how beautiful and perfect this world really is. Ever walked through an avenue of leafy trees on a warm sunny day when torrential rain starts without warning, people go running for shelter, but you just stand there letting the rain wash over your face? (Or is it just me? :)

I'm happy because I'm finally learning to let myself grieve or feel sad or bad instead of fighting those feelings. When I fight those feelings, I get angry and upset, and that usually leads me to do things I don't want to do which blot out those feelings, such as using pornography. When I let myself feel and absorb all of those awful feelings, I find that soon I can move on, and I'm more aware of what's really going on with me. This has also helped to reduce the suicidal and angry thoughts that used to bombard me all the time. Peace to you all. Make it your first priority to keep remembering what you know to be good ways of living. We forget so easily. Peace.

I am happy because I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with my 2 year old son and spend time with him everyday and watch him grow up. Having him is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I am happy because it's better than being sad.

I am happy because, finally just about everything is going right for me :)

I had a true alien experience !!!

I am happy cuz I just got LAID!!!

I'm happy because I've got a good brain and I am going to make a success of my business and then my stupid, idiot boss can kiss my arse because my resignatino will land on his desk, in his office which he keeps unnecessarily cold (I'm sure he's secretly a reptile, like on "V"), and he will read it, and plead with me not to leave, and I will merely laugh, toss my head, storm out to my bike and roar off into the sunset, never to be seen again. Oh, and my girlfriend's a total babe and can't get enough of me. Damn, I'm lucky.

because i just got asked out!!!!

because the woman my bf & I have been looking for to join our relationship as a 3some couple just popped into our lives and it's a wonderful feeling to have a woman back in our bed ;) I'm female by the way!!

I'm happy because I've got a major crush on a terrific guy I work with. He's great looking, smart, nice, funny...everything. I hope he knows how I feel.

I am happy because my son is smiling more often and my baby daughter looks at me through eyes filled with love.

I just had the best day of my summer break so far. It's all working out how I wanted it to.

I'm happy because I've decided to blow my brains out.

I'm happy because I am in love with my pharmacist. I get all the refills on all my prescription medication, even if I don't need them, just so I can go to the pharmacy. I've got enough medication to start my own pharmacy. He probably thinks I'm sickly or a hypochondriac.

I am happy because my family is healhty. I have all the sunshine in their eyes!

I stopped having rectal bleeding :-)

the anti biotics are working well!

i lost all my money on a horse race. now my thieving ex-wife can't get her grubby hands on it

i am happy because the movie "cock up sylvia saints butt" has just completed download from alt.binaries

Because I just got into the school that I wanted and now everything is perfect!!! I get to go to high school with all my friends and I get to re-unite with all my old friends and nothing I have now has to end!!!!!!!!!!! There is a god after all!!!!!! Now the only other thing I could ask for is for a certain someone to notice me more ...

I'm happy because I have a wonderful friend who's had some serious health problems. She is much better now and once again doing everything, just full of life. I'm happy and thankful to have her.

i am happy because i have this new boyfriend, and he doesn't call me very often, and he doesn't bother me too much.

I am happy because I am alive and breathing.

I am happy because I have a healthy (if sometimes dysfuncional) family, great friends, and a wonderful boyfriend. It's a beautiful life. And if anyone is ever having a bad day — well then, just look outside, look inside, look anywhere. That is proof enough that "YOU ARE ALIVE!!!". Therefore, you've already got it better than all of the dead people. So live it up, folks. We don't have forever.

Tonight is my 8th grade prom!!!!!! I have been waiting forever, but now it's finally here!!!! I know what you are thinking, 8th grade prom, that's the stupidest thing ever. BUT IT'S NOT AND IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I'm happy because I just vented my angry, evil, hateful, secret feelings on Why Are You Angry board and now I feel much better.

I am happy because even though I am home sick from school today, I will probably be well enough to go back tommorow. Even though the prom is over, I still have all my pictures and memories from that night, and I always will. 8th grade is almost over, and so are my days at the middle school I have gone to for the last 3 years. But next year, I will start high school at the best place ever, with all the friends and classmates I know now. There will also be plenty of new people to meet. I have a lot planned for the summer, including lots of vacations, and seeing all my cousins again. So really, life is good right now. And I'm trying my best to not take that for granted. Because even though I'm only 14, I know how quickly everything can turn around ...

I am happy because I love my girlfriend and she gives me everything I need without trying.

I'm happy because my sister finally broke up with her boyfriend. They were always fighting and I didn't see that they were happy. Now she's home more often and it reminds me of our old times together.

I'm not only happy ... I'm totally elated .. My boyfriend finally told me those three famous words .. out of the blue he said "I love you" ... I was at a low point in my day and hearing those words come from his mouth put me back on top of the world ... you may not think it's a big deal .. but after 10 months of waiting to hear those words then hearing them at just the right time ... What more could a girl ask for???

I'm happy because even though the economy sucks for most people, I am 28 with a job I love making a lot of money, I'm single and I can sleep around with no guilt, and I just bought a new house that's way bigger than I need and a new SUV that kicks ass and guzzles gas. Oh, I just met this sweet ass 25 year old Greek chick and I'm going to fuck the shit out of her SOON.

God makes me happy!!!!!!!

I've got the most caring, sweetest boyfriend in the world, so it seems. I love him more and more everyday and I don't think I could live without him. He sings to me when I'm down and quotes poetry to me to express how he feels. I love him so much. Im lucky to have someone like him and I hope I'm with him forever.

I'm happy because I'm single and loving it. I have finally accepted that my hurt & anger is no-one's problem but mine and it's not that bad. Long live champagne, long live freedom, long live sexy men!! Peace out.

I am happy cuz i chose to be ...

I am happy because I found out my boyfriend is cheating on me. Okay, that's not a reason to be happy, but the revenge is what is.

I am happy because I have the greatest friends in the world ... in return for their love I help them with whatever that bothers them.

I am happy because I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and he loves me!!!!

I finally met my net girlfriend, i spent the most perfect three weeks with her, and it was the best time i have ever had. I love you babe.

I'm happy - I just drank a beer, and I have a lot more to drink. I like beer.

I am happy because i have found two talents that i really enjoy. i love to play music.

SNOW DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I am happy because my penis is functional and of adequate length. It smells like mangos.

I am happy because I just got my husband to sign the divorce papers. I worried he never would. He was a horrible man who tried to make my life miserable. Praise God that I got out before he made my entire life a living misery!!

I'm happy because five different men are in love with me and trying to get with me. I get to pick out the one I want.

I have a gorgeous new daughter. I get to work from home with my sweet husband. We just closed on our first house that has a lake view. We're all healthy. We get to see our daughter grow up and never miss a minute. I can afford to educate her myself.

I have a friend who understands and loves me. Don't ever be afraid to tell your friends you love and appreciate them. Love you Erin.

My good friend has come back into my life and we both have great lives to share.

I am happy because I have reconnected with a friend from university. I have not seen this person for several years and can't wait to catch up!

I am very happy because I know that I am completely myself,and that's an absolutely gorgeous feeling.I have choice in every single tiny thing that I do;I can pick and select.Bloody great,that!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a queen bitch now! I am a free woman, thank G-D for divorce!

I am so happy because I have a beautiful 8 month old son that I come home to everyday, he takes all the stress that I gain from my busy day at work away. When I see that big gorgeous smile I am healed. Mommie loves you so much.

I am happy because I just graduated.

I'm happy because in the last three years I have left my no good husband, found myself a wonderful job, bought a house for me and my two beautiful little girls AND I am in the most wonderful relationship with the man of my dreams. AND BEST OF ALL I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!! Man I'm lucky!

I have cheated my husband once.

I just spoke to my friend.

I am getting married in two weeks to the most beautiful, compassionate, loving person that I have ever met.

I am happy because I know I can make a difference in the world or at least die trying. :-)

I am happy that I am getting different experiences and actively living my life.

I'm happy because I was able to help a real good friend out in his time of need.

I'm happy because, after many years of study, I finally understand many mysteries of God's Word. I started poor as dirt in a log cabin and worked my way through college and Naval Aviation jet training and many opportunities to teach God's Word in the military service.

I blew my nose today, on my boyfriends' sleeve.

I am happy I don't need a man to take care of me. I am way better than that. I don't need to rely on an individual who only hurts you, takes advantage of you, and uses you for free sex.

because my boyfriend and best friend in the world loves me and isn't willing to let me go.

i am happy because i completed my new year's resolution 1/2 way through this year. that i am able to learn from my mistakes and move on. i am happy because i have friends who love like me. unconditionally. i am happy because my best friend is still my best friend and my soul mate. i am happy because i can type this message. i am happy just because i know being happy exists.

because i discovered, when it comes down to it, everyone is the same.

I'm happy because I know I am capable of anything, if I put my mind to it. My family is relativley stable, and I'm moving on with life. I'm happy because even if you don't love me back, you're my best freind and I have been honest with you. I'm happy because I know how much I take for granted, and for once I can sit back and smile at all the things I'm usually too busy to see.

Because i am single and beautiful.

I work with the best guys in the world. They're funny, intelligent and do all my work for me.

I'm happy because my job is just CCN-tastic!

I just handed my notice in ... And they came back with a counter offer, which I refused ...

I'm happy because the hottest guy in the whole school smiled at me and probably wants to have sex.

I am happy as first of all my family is with me sharing all the good and bad moments of life, my love is with me who always supports me unconditionally, my friends are there with me and above all my God is there to shower his blessings on me.

I'm happy because I am going back to Canada for Christmas vacation. I can't wait. I miss my friends so much. I luv u guys!!!!!!

I'm happy because I still live at this very moment.

I am happy because I met a really nice guy and we have been goin' 2gether 4 quiet a while now and I am really happy with the way things r going rite now. He is really sweet and funny. And may I add extremely HOT!!!!

I'm happy because after thirteen years at school with people who thought they were "better" than me, I'm moving on and so are they. And, in time, the smart ones will realise that no-one is better than anyone else, they are just misunderstood or ignorant.

Because I am a Baha'i.


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