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I am happy because he broke up with me. I love him and it hurts like nothing else but at least I know where I stand. Someone will love me someday and I am happy that despite the pain I never lose faith in love.

I am drunk...thats why im the happiest person in the wolrd

I am exceptionally lucky.

I am happy because I have an earthling body and I love living in it and it loves me too. I'm happy because the sky is infinitely blue and I can send all my blessings to the universe. I'm happy because I can have bare feet on cool grass. I'm in a delicious whirlwind of love.

I am happy because although I am not exactly where I want to be, I am ejoying where I am.


I am happy because I am now drug free and moving towards a better understanding of love and life.

I'm happy because I found out someone wants to kill me. I hate myself and want to die but am too much of a wuss to kill myself. Now I'll get it done for me.

i'm listening to pearl jam at the present time

I am happy because I am loved by a strong, caring, intelligent and beautiful woman. I am happy because although I am not a 100% healthy, my disease is still not keeping me from doing the things I enjoy. I just want to get as much out of life as possible, because it's impossible to tell when things will be different. I am happy because I am blessed with the gifts of intelligence and creativity. I am happy because I have a family that I know care about me, although they are not so good at communicating their love and interest (apart from my kid brother and my sister, who are both supremely important to me). I will try to be honest with people and let them know how I feel about things. I have been fearfully protecting myself from others for too long, and I am happy because I have been given the opportunity for change.

Because i am back with my beautiful girlfriend, i love her so much! :) i have loved her for so long, and she is also my best friend.

Because i finnished school today and the beautiful weather is back, we dont get much here in england ;) I am going to meet my old friends and i am going to meet up with this fyne girl again ;) im so happy

i am happy because i just had a bitch fest, and i got it off my chest. and i am saving up so i can make myself a new purse, and its going to be gorgeous.

i am stoned

The reason why I'm happy is because I found somebody that like me for me not for what they can get.
I feel so special every time he is around me. Every time he look in my eyes and tell me how pretty I'm
and how he going to make are money. That's somebody I would like to spend mylife with. I thank God for bring him to me.

Every single person goes through their very, very shitty times in life. Right now I'm going through mine. I've been torn away from a life I didn't know I loved so much until now. For almost a year my life has been an empty sadness with very little happiness to cheer it up. But I know I am a strong person, and I have so much more of my life ahead of me, I'm only a teenage gurl. Even though the life I once knew is gone forever, and it breaks my heart to try and accept this, I know that because I am strong, I will get through it eventually. No matter how tough life is, no matter how much I just want to call it quits sometimes, I'll keep going. That's why I am happy. For all the people out there with sad hearts like me, please...don't give up.

I'm happy I quit the culty church I was in!

i am happy cos i am alive and in good health

I am so happy because today, my girlfriend, her sister, and each of their best friends gave me the most awesome blowjob ever. Their is something about looking down at four hot, cute faces and seeing my dick disappearing into the loving, hungry mouths of such lovely nymphs! Really, I have had a smile on my face all week because of this!

I am happy because I'm happy with my life, myself and the decisions I make in life. I am happy becuase when I leave work, I also do not have to see the idiots that I work and hear them gossip about me, which I see them do almost everyday. I'm happy becuase I'm not apart of all of that drama - I'm happy because I do not need to talk crap about other people in order to make myself feel better. I'm happy because I've found a new way to love life and enjoy life wihtout putting other people down. I'm happy because today, I love myself and take care of myself so that I can in turn, love others, even when they bad mouth me right in front of my face. I'm happy because today, I don't need to take any of that personally and can be centered enough in myself where it can't and won't get me down.

because when i woke up this morning,,,i was alive


Because I came across this website! Have a happy thought ya'll

I'm happy because my deployed husband might be home in March, I realized what's really important in life, love, relationships; I found myself! Also because we're going to try to conceive our first child when he comes home to me, and I know that life is good, no matter what, because of the fact that so many people care about me, and i found happiness within myself and i am stronger than any tribulation that tries to rule my life.

I'm in love.

I am happy because Im young at heart, love is the answer. I know that dreams do come true if you follow them long enough, sometimes they just drop from the sky. I can laugh when my dreams fall apart at the seams, ahh to be young at heart. Glad to be alive today, tomarrow, well thats another story.

because i have god first in my life. and a good boyfriend that respect me. he's special and ways that nobody knows but me. and he's the love of my life. and i'm happy because i have a mom and a dad and nine other brothers and sisters and my life. p.s god bless you.

For yrs i tried to fill up this emptiness that i used to feel inside, i tried parties, people's attn, boyfriends, school
but i found true happiness, that i can't describe, it makes u wanna cry and tell the whole world how happy iam to be alive, point is i met somebody that fills every whole that once was in my heart, he reaches out for me when most i needed him, he restores and gives rest to my soul, he put all the broken pieces of my life together, he took away all the harm, suffering, night mares, hatres, traumas that my family onced placed on me,He is my life, my rock, my warming plamy hope,my future and my past,he guides me, and takes me in his arms when i feel like cryin or when things go wrong, he reminds me of how much his love is for me, unconditional love, whatever i do, he will always be there to open his arms and love me back again. I find myself in him, my steps find their destiny on his footprints, he is the reason to live, the air i breath, he gives me wings to fly, and a nest to come back to, "I LOVE YOU LORD, GOD OF ISRAL, MY GOD" thanks for dyin for me, everlasting love :X kiss!

My day was good today and I'm going to have a good week!!!!!!!!

I'm Happy Because I've been with my boyfriend for 2 weeks I care so much for hime hes the kind of guy that will always be there for you I'm going to be 16 and he was my first. I think I can let myself fall in love with him. But I dont really know how he feels for me. He says he cares for me but how do you really know if they do or dont I just hope he feels the same way about me. We are together everynight we sit and watch a movie and Just hold each other and I love it so much I never Had someone to trust and Love maybe I Can have one now.

I am happy because my life is good right now.

i love keir :) xox

Few reasons: Getting tattoo today and my mom knows shit-all bout it (I'm 16), I also have had my nipple pierced, and have dissed one so-called friend to the whole of the united States. P.S. I love Bam Margera and the shops that sell alcohol to under 18's. :) x x x x

I'm not happy... my ex boyfriend is getting a new girlfriend and ... i still like him!!

I'm happy cos I just read what I wrote on my birthday on the angry site, and I don't feel like that any more. My life is a nice life now, and I know I care enough about myself not to mind being alone anymore. I have enough to live, a fine environment, and some good friends. I will read this next time I ever question these things. or question myself.

I am happy because I recently won the lottery for $5,000 which was enough money to pay off most of our bills and take my husband to nice restaurant for his birthday.


I am happy because a shower of blessings has just fallen on a most beautiful day where warmth from the sun, essence of the moonlight and the fineness of the morning dew came together as one to impact the world, making it more lovely than any day it has ever been. The sweetness of saccherine honey combined with a certain feel of aphrodisiac dreams make one turn into a make-believe piscean !

I'm happy because I got asked to the winter formal! It's going to be so much fun

im happy cause im stoned and i liv in a pear and i fancy brandon boyd and my bezzie m8 is like totally cool! im suicidle but who givs a shit c yall in hell

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